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An Interview with My Father

            I sighed and grabbed my paper from the smooth, cool, wooden nightstand. I quickly re-read my questions as I walked to my parents' room. I took one look at my dad and knew he had forgotten about the interview I had planned. He was laying down in a worn out recliner watching his favorite channel, the Discovery channel. He was wearing that favorite faded gray shirt of his and those camouflage cargo shorts he adores. I slumped down on the bed and tried to get comfortable. As I was about to read my first question I was interrupted by the noise of banging on the stairs. My dad's tired eyes rolled for he knew who it was. It was my annoying younger brother. He walked in, glanced at my paper and started reading aloud. I immediately covered it up and told him to beat it. I cleared my throat and said "_______ ___________, are you ready for the interview?" I instantly regretted saying that. It sounded so much better in my head. I glanced at my dad and expected him to sit up and stop watching the TV. "Yes", he answered without budging, not meeting my expectations. .
             I asked him some basic information to try to make him comfortable. He told me he entered the university in Cuba called "Universidad de Oriente" in 1990 and graduated in 1995. He majored in physics, became a teacher for college students, and then became an engineer. I was done with the basics, now on to the interview. I had organized my questions into 2 sections: Academics and personal. First I asked him about his dream job, a mix between academics and personal, and something I was honestly interested in. He took a moment to try and remember and answered that he wanted to work in a laboratory or do something with physics. I was surprised to find out he had not his dream job remained unchanged. Ever since he was a child he desired to study physics and he stuck to it. To keep to the path of academics I asked him about his grades.

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