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             The Juvenile Justice system allows juveniles to somewhat receive a lesser disposition, and more of a second chance with the actions that they have done. The effectiveness of the Juvenile system has been questioned over the years, but to others, the program is working with positive influences on the delinquents that have gone through it. The intent of the juvenile justice system is to more or less rehabilitate or counsel the juveniles and give them other options other than penitentiary confinement. But what do people working inside the system believe about the Juvenile Justice system?.
             In an interview by Officer Corey Baker, of the Westerville Police Department, information was received giving his opinion on the juvenile justice system and his experience working in the field. Officer Baker has worked for the Westerville Police Department for 13 years and has tremendous amounts of experience in his work. Although he has never really dealt with juveniles on a more serious relationship he has seen the juveniles in action. His remark on the effectiveness of the program was, "I feel that over the years juveniles have become more involved with criminal actions. Sometimes being their first offense and seeing their punishment causes them to withdraw from their criminal actions, but to others you see them in the station on a regular basis. You see the same juveniles files, and sometimes it makes you second guess if what the .
             system is doing is working. But for the most part others may commit one offense and then you will never hear of them again. And for those that have only committed one offense it usually is for curfew, or property damage such as toilet papering, or minor offenses such as those. The kids usually don't think they can get in trouble for those actions, but when they find out they did, then for the most part they are scared or their parents give them the most punishment of all.

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