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HR Interview

            While performing the assignment there were a few things that I had to accomplish prior to the actual interview in order to make the interviewee know that I was prepared to give an interview worth his time. I felt that this was important because I wanted the interviewee to know that this was a serious interview and that it was important for me to gain knowledge from the process. I felt that in order for me to conduct this interview in the fashion that I have mentioned, it was crucial for me to know the details of his employer as well as the history of the company he worked for prior to the interview. This way I hoped that he would gather that I was expecting a serious interview and I knew that I would get one given my preparation.
             The manager that I interviewed works for a company that specializes in the sales of orthodontic equipment to dental companies across the nation. They target all dental distribution companies as well as privately owned dental businesses. They do not make the product themselves but they are a direct purchaser of these orthodontic products and they then turn around and sell their inventory to larger distributors. I chose to find someone in this company to interview because I have always wanted to graduate from college and get a job at this company without wasting time. They are very well established and as I understand they pay their employees very well also. It is important to note that there is one other reason for my choosing of this business and that is that I figured that it would be difficult to be a human resource manager of a company that is so spread out. I figured that there is so much more run around than with a normal company that has all it's employees at one site everyday. The majority of the communication is done through personal meetings and teleconferencing. It was the idea that this company would be a difficult company to work for that prompted me to choose them along with the fact that I hope to call them an employer soon.

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