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Marketing Plan

             Human Resource Management (HRM) involves several activities, which entails "Human Resource (HR) Planning, Selection, Performance Appraisal and Training. Bangladesh Paper Mills Dhaka, perform these activities widely. .
             Important aspects of their HR activities are: -.
             • Systematic approach to HR Planning.
             • Job analysis and formal written job description for assessing current HR needs.
             • Maintaining computerized HR Information System.
             • Forecasting demand for and supply of HR considering all internal and environmental factors.
             • Formulating training based staffing strategies.
             • Regular review of existing HR planning procedures.
             • Proving Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) irrespective of gender, age religious backgrounds of people.
             • Selecting employees through combinations of standardized employment selection tests.
             • Following formal and written Performance Appraisal (PA) procedures.
             • Applying standard methods of PA and ensuring feedback.
             • Providing continuous training and development programs to employees.
             Some features of BPM's HR activities are -.
             • A high difference between number of male and female employees exist.
             • Not applying EEO for physically disabled persons.
             • Age, religious or nationality diversity of employees in the company reflects current trend of Bangladesh culture in the respective areas.
             Along with performing these activities of HRM, BPM recognize contemporary HR problems and challenges such as "the challenge of fostering union-management relationship, discouraging sexual harassments, prevention of drug abuse. .
             However Union doesn't exist in BPM. Some features of Union in are: -.
             • Independent of management control.
             • Cooperative dependency.
             But union members don't take part in product pricing decisions and board meetings at BPM.

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