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Marketing and Advertising

            Marketing is a field where there are endless opportunities. There are many different types of tasks to be performed; therefore there are a large number of occupations within marketing. Since I want to eventually become a marketing manager or executive someday I have chosen to specifically focus on that one section of marketing. Marketing is a profession that is expected to increase rapidly over the next ten years, but competition for jobs is also expected to be intense. Traveling, and working long hours, even on the weekends and evening is not uncommon for this profession. There are many different tasks to perform in an average day. Being organized, being persuasive, and being able to work under pressure are all good qualities looked for in a Marketing Manager. It can be a very satisfying or unsatisfying job depending how successful the person is. The main object of marketing is to successfully market and sell a product or service to earn a substantial profit.
             The usual day of a marketing manager is filled with attending meetings, writing up advertising plans, submitting sale records and data, making phone calls, promoting satisfactory public relations, presenting new marketing ideas and plans, and planning out future marketing strategies. Work can vary a great deal from a marketing manager working for a small firm or a marketing manager working for a massive corporation. When working for a big corporation there are usually many different types of jobs involved in the marketing department, often because the company offers numerous products and services. Those jobs are split up into groups, Market Research, Brand Management, Advertising, Promotions, and Public Relations. In those groups some job titles can be creative director, promotions manager, sales manager, accounting executive, marketing manager, public relations manager, commercial arts director, media director, copywriter, and market research analyst.

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