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Marketing And Advertising

             In every business around the world there is some sort of Marketing and .
             Every business wants to market its products in a profitable .
             manner. Marketing and Advertising firms find out if there is a demand for the .
             products that they sell as well as research what ways they think might get their .
             product out and buying in larger quantities. They see who is buying their products and .
             who is not that way they can see how their products might appeal to those who have.
             not yet purchased what they have to offer. Marketing and Advertising firms also .
             oversee the need for new products or improvements to the products at anytime, they .
             will do whatever it takes to get it to sell sell sell. .
             The working conditions for those in Marketing and Advertising are not the .
             easiest, even though they might get lovely offices and nice desks the hours are very .
             long, at least 50 hours a week. There tends to be a lot of travel involved and a .
             large amount of problems and unexpected changes, but these are nothing compared to .
             the deadlines that must be met. .
             Schwegmann 2.
             Advertising and Marketing positions took up about 485,000 jobs in the year .
             1998, and they continue to grow with time. There is always a need for Marketing .
             and Advertising, being that there are always new business developing and always new .
             products to get out into homes and the work force as well.
             There is a lot of training and schooling that come before one can land a .
             position in the work world of Advertising and Marketing. Most employers require .
             that the seeker has a BA in Business Administration with a concentration in .
             Marketing. Other classes required would include; accounting, business finance, .
             business law and economics just to name a few. The qualifications do not just .
             include schooling; someone who is interested in this line of work must be very mature, .
             extremely motivated, a self starter and must be able to communicate very well with .

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