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             Everybody wants to have the job of his or her dreams and you can. To enhance you can of getting the job you want are cover letters, resumes, and preparing for interviews. There are key fundamentals to write a cover letter and resume to enhance your chance of an interview and ways to prepare yourself for interviews. Interviews can be extremely frightening. Everybody will go through at least one interview in his or her career. Interviews can give crucial information about an applicant as well the applicant can judge the position and the company. Cover letters, resumes and interviews are very crucial to fulfill our careers. Interviews are important for any variety of jobs and it is good to be prepared for all of them. .
             First of all you will need to write a cover letter. The cover letter is a short, well-written letter expressing your interest in a particular position. Your cover letter is a significant part of your resume, and a good one can make you stand out among other candidates. When you conduct you letter make sure the letter is addressed to the person hiring. If you don't have the person name phone or e-mail the company and ask them. This will help the reader be more interested if his or her name is on it. The cover letter should have where and how you found out about the position, your reason for being interested in this company, your main skills and accomplishments, how you fit the requirements for the job, items of special interest about you that would relate to your potential for the job, and request for an interview. The cover letter should be no longer than one page.
             When you are all finished your cover letter you will have to include a resume. A resume is a summary of your skills and accomplishments. Resumes are a marketing tool used to promote us to potential employers for the purpose of obtaining an interview. Simply, resumes help get us interviews. There is no correct format in writing a resume but there are thing that should and shouldn't be said in a resume.

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