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Tips for a Successful Interview

            After graduating from either university or college, you have to find a job in order to make a living. To obtain employment, you must go through an interview process. This process might be stressful as you might not have much work experience in your field or it might be your first interview. Thus, this lack of experience might create a fear of failing the interview or a belief that there is a better-qualified candidate other than you. To help you overcome this fear and perform well during an interview, you should be informed, well-rehearsed, and confident. .
             In order to learn about a company, you can browse through its website. The "About the Company" and "News" sections are the most useful places to find relevant information. The "About the Company" section generally provides a brief history of a company, indicates whether a company is involved in the international market, and lists the different products or services offered. The "News" section usually has links to a company's recent press-releases and financial reports. If a company does not have a corporate website, you can look through magazines and newspapers - preferably financial or corporate ones. You can also visit the company itself, if possible. The time and effort you take to learn about a company can be useful when answering interview questions. Once you have obtained all the information you believe to be essential, you should memorize it. This tells the interviewer that you showed interest in the company before the interview, giving you an advantage over the other candidates.
             Next, you should prepare for questions that you feel will be the most difficult to answer. For instance, you should rehearse answers to the following questions, What do you know about our company? Why do you wish to work for our company? Why would you be an asset for our company? What are your strengths and weaknesses? To prepare for these questions, you can ask your friends and family what they think your strengths and weaknesses are, and ask them how they usually answer such questions.

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