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career paper

             As we start to step our way up in life into high school, many choices need to be.
             Most importantly, is what we will do after we graduate. This is the.
             Hardest decision ever made. People have a hard time figuring out what there really good .
             at and what makes them happy. Sometimes it's a hidden talent and sometimes it's right in .
             front of your face. Who said growing up was easy, but we all got to do it sooner or later. .
             With my certain back round I've decided to try and go to school for acting and singing. .
             So far Acting and Singing are meant for me.
             Ever since I was 5 years old I was always singing. I was in talent shows, plays for .
             my school, and when I was a little older I did a play in Allegro Theaters in Parsippany .
             NJ. Then in high school I started to do the talent shows and so far have won best vocalist .
             twice in a row. I also have a back round of singers in my family. Mt grandmother Rita .
             Picone was a famous Italian singer she traveled to many places to show off her gorgeous .
             talent she even sang at the Sidney Opera house in Australia. My Uncle Armando started .
             singing when he was very young even had his own band and still does. He sings for .
             weddings, parties, clubs, and he even does plays like "Evita" and "Kiss of the spider .
             women". My Uncle Mark is a very talented Country singer inches away from making it .
             big time. .
             After I graduate I plan to go to New York City and show them what I'm made of .
             but first I"m going to be going to a school named John Robert Powers. At John Robert .
             Powers they teach you everything from modeling, voice lessons, stage lesions, to acting. .
             They teach you manners, types on how to behave towards the public and how to make a .
             good impression they even give you beauty tips. .
             At John Robert Powers I plane to take these 10-week courses. Scene Study, .
             Theatrical Workshops, Auditioning Techniques, Voice and Diction, Film, and vocal lessons. .
             The total cost up to the tenth week will be $3,500.

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