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Career Paper - Obstetricians-Gynecology

            Becoming an OB-GYN has been an exciting journey for many physicians today. Many of these physicians enjoy working with women while they go through their pregnancy and childbirth. Though numerous doctors savor their full time job, they might also sit back and realized what they had to do to achieve the goals in becoming an OB-GYN. Physicians realized that this career was fun but challenging task. Several of doctors had to think about the background, the education, and the skills that is needed to actually pursue this occupation. So for anyone who wants to be an OB-GYN, tune in to what is needed to be known for this demanding profession.
             Although becoming an OB-GYN is a dream come true for a variety of doctors, knowing the background of both Obstetrics and Gynecology is exceedingly influential to anyone who planing to dedicate their life to this career. Obstetrics is the specialization in delivering babies. This statement is considered true because since 1950, the development of prenatal diagnostics and surgical techniques has transformed the field of Obstetrics (Develoment of Prenatal). Prenatal screening has become a routine part of a pregnant women's medical care since the early 1970s (Development of Prenatal). Also, prenatal screening and testing are done during first and second trimester of a woman's pregnancy (Development of Prenatal). Surgical techniques such as ultrasounds are important in a woman's pregnancy. Ultrasounds uses high frequency sound waves that are above the range of human hearing. Even though prenatal care and ultrasounds are important to a woman's prregnancy, Gynecology is also a huge aspect to the pregnancy. Gynecology is the field of medicine dealing with the health of a woman's gential system ("Gynecology"). The gential system consist of the reproductive system including the uterus,cervix,ovaries,fallopian tube,vagina,as well as their supporting structures ("Gynecology").

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