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HVAC Technician Career Analysis

            I am currently going to school to get a degree in business management and go back home after graduation to work as an HVAC technician. My dad owns a heating and air business and I plan on one day taking it over, which is the reason I am a Business major. I have grown up around an HVAC type of atmosphere and I have loved every minute of it. Being able to go fix people's air conditioners when it is brutally hot is really rewarding. It also pays pretty well, which will work well in the long run for me. My father has definitely shown me what it is truly all about. It is about the customers. The way he deals with them and does whatever is needed to help provide for them has shown me how I want to be as a businessman. He is a man of kind spirit.
             Growing up around heating and air conditioning, I have always had a knack for hands-on type work. Every time someone needed help doing something on a job, I was out there doing whatever I could do to help. Working every summer since I was around nine, I have seen the easy jobs and the hard. I am more than willing to take on each and every one of those jobs. It is truly a passion on mine. To be an HVAC technician in our nation today, you need to have some kind of experience in the field. Many employers are looking for certified technicians that have successfully graduated from a technical college. By working every summer for almost 10 years, I have learned more about heating and air conditioning than I would have ever imagined existed. By knowing these things, it will assist me in knowing how to better understand others and myself and give more than I take. Showing a potential employer that you are truly concerned with them and the company lets them see that that you know how to give more than you take.
             Many employers are also looking for certain characteristics in their future employees. I believe that having the Basics and Awareness in my profession will really shine in the eyes of business owners.

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