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             I am interested in owning my own plumbing, heating and air condition business. Throughout my high school career I have attended a vocational technology school for the plumbing and heating field. I competed in the skills Vica competition my senior year and received first place in district and went to state competition leaving w/ fifth place in the state. I also was an apprentice for the company Heat Pro's, where I learned a lot and experienced a lot of the real world, such as mistakes, how to correct them, and also how to deal with people. I am now currently furthering my education by attending the Pennsylvania College of Technology. The reason for my attendance here is because I believe Penn tech will give me a great education that can help me reach my goal of owning my own business and teaching me to have the best business in order to survive in today's real world. .
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             Some of my interest and hobbies consist of hunting and fishing. They relate to my career because I love being outdoors, active and hands-on with everything. It also relates to my career because it teaches patience, which is a major element in my career. If you don't have any patience or very little of it and you rush to get the job done, you can really screw up and make worse of the problem you were trying to fix. When u take your time, even though it will take longer then rushing at least you have it done and done right. You won't have to do it again to fix your mistakes on top of the first problem. Some of my other skills and values is that I like to work with my hands and do all my hands on work correct. You can say I might be a perfectionist in my line of business. Most of my personality traits relate to my field because I"m social and a very outgoing person. I love doing what I do and getting the satisfaction of helping another person in the process .
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             Plumbers install, maintain and repair a wide variety of plumbing systems.

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