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Oprah, Jerry,Larry

            In the entertaining world of talk show television there are a variety of shows to watch whether you are concerned about women's health issues, interested in the what the next political candidate has to say, or looking forward to exposing your sister's transsexual love affair with her hairdresser, it is all available right at your finger tips brought to you via the talk show. There are two types of talk shows. The first type involves a presenter plus celebrity guests, who appear singly or in pairs to talk about current events/movies/books/scandals etc. These are generally well-behaved affairs - often the celebrity guest approves a list of questions beforehand - and the atmosphere can be one of backslapping and bonhomie, although the very best presenters do gain a reputation for sly digs at their guests. These shows usually have a regular, daily, evening slot, and purport to reflect what is going on in the world, with "hot" guests, and cynical humor. The most famous of these are The Oprah Winfrey Show, Larry King (Live), and of course Jerry Springer. .
             Audiences interested in what the best selling novels are on the stands, or health and fitness The Oprah Winfrey Show, has become a premier day time resource for audiences worldwide. It provides viewers with all the personal and lifestyle resources to live their best lives. Oprah is on Monday-Friday depending on your local service provider. Oprah has been on television for approximately 17 years, and has won prestigious awards such as including the George Foster Peabody Individual Achievement Award (1996), the IRTS Gold Medal Award (1996) and the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' Lifetime Achievement Award (1998). In January 2001 Oprah was dubbed Newsweek's "Woman of the Century." In November 1999, Oprah received one of the publishing industry's top honors, the National Book Foundation's 50th Anniversary Gold Medal, for her influential contribution to reading and books.

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