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The Comparison of Two Talk Show Hosts.

            I would like to do my first comparison essay on Oprah Winfrey v. Now you may stop and say "there's no comparison between Oprah and Jerry". You"re right Oprah and Jerry have more differences than they have in common. Oprah Winfrey has shows that are based on more realistic values. That's why she attracts an audience that looks for important and useful information, where is Jerry Springer attracts an audience that has low morals and wants useless information. A few things that Oprah and Jerry have in common are: both are well known, both of their shows are broadcasted on national television, and both of them are middle aged.
             Some people may not know that Oprah Winfrey was the first black woman to host a national television talk show. She also has a very well put together audience that are looking for valuable information as well as something that will make them feel good. The guests of Oprah's talk show are mainly women and sometimes men that have accomplished a lot in their lives and are there to share their stories and give advice. Anyone could agree with me that Oprah has an excellent choice for clothing that is always in good taste as well as her hair and makeup. Oprah's show scenery is very well put together, there's no bright colors or dull scenery. Oprah says that she keeps her viewers coming back by always giving them something good to watch, uplifting them, encouraging them, and always entertaining them.
             Now lets talk about Jerry Springer. We all know that he is known for his highly raunchy shows. Just like Oprah, Jerry has a pretty good sized audience too. The only difference between the two audiences is that Jerry's tends to be more rowdier than Oprah's. Jerry's guests are also more immature acting than Oprah's, showing no home training or respect for themselves. Also Jerry's shows basically consist of the same thing: cheating, violence, nudity and well you get the picture. Just to drop a fact in on you about Jerry can you believe that he actually considered running for governor once upon a time? Jerry has a clothing attire that isn't as fashionable and as trend as Oprah's, although he does make an attempt to dress up for every show.

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