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Super Bowel XLIX Commercial Analysis

             The Doritos commercial started off in an airplane with a microphone eerie sound in the background. The airplane flights attend come onto the income stating, "Welcome aboard folks. Go ahead and take any empty seat." One of the male passenger's goes out of his way to make sure the middle seat next to him stays empty. When he sees a lady that he finds attractive, he takes a Doritos bag and flashes it around to get her to take the bait and sit next to him. The person in front of her moves up, and he sees that she is holding a crying baby. He then drops the bag of Doritos in dismay. The commercial ended showing the lady sleeping while the baby is eating Doritos with the male passenger. Right before the end, the male passenger tells the baby, "When your mom wakes up can you tell her about me".
             The commercial is for males that are single and in the mid-twenties. Also, the commercial is for anyone who likes comedy, too. The commercial has a desire to keep the middle seat empty a long as possible and away from anyone that would irritate him. The commercial uses the bag of Doritos as a trap to get her to sit near the male passenger. What goes through the audience's mind may be that everyone likes Doritos and it can be used as a trap to get what you want. The tone can be defined as a little emotional due to the thought of having the middle seat free from any irritation. The psychology of a male and how he wants to have a woman by his side is also tending towards the emotion of the viewers. The overall theme of the commercial is being able to use Doritos as a lowering technique to get want he want. .
             Second Video: When Pigs Fly.
             The Doritos commercial started off on a ranch. By a tractor there are two males; the older one is around the age of 30 and the youngest one is around the age of 9. The 9 year old said, "Hey Ralph can I have a Dorito" then Ralph said reluctantly, "Sure, when pigs fly.

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