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The Real Strength of Dove Men Products

            The commercial of dove men products claiming that the men who uses it is stronger and that cares. But cared in what sense who says or who measures men strength just by using a product. Dove care line or products have only emphasized on women but for some time now they have seen that not only women need to pampered men do to. The real strength of dove commercial for men invokes a sense of integrity, masculinity, caring, the aspects of fatherhood and how people view father's role in the family unit. .
             The way to show that is by the company to show the commercial in the super bowl since many men look forward not only to watch the 49th super bowl but to see the advertising. Spot Trender, a research company [who did a study to see how people view the commercial concluded that,] "How viewers reacted to big Super Bowl commercials second-by-second. This year it's back on the case, starting with one of the first 2015 Super Bowl ads to be pre-released: Dove Men+Care's ode to fatherhood, which scored one of the "most consistent positive reaction graphs" (Dove Men Supper Bowl) which had a really positive comments and audience seem to respond well toward the commercial. The co-founder of the mention research Rick Nguyen also commented that "Instead of using testosterone-driven, hyper masculine image to sell products, #RealStrength cleverly and successfully uses the strong, caring, masculine image of the father, the protector to drive home the message: "Care makes a man stronger,"" (Dove Men Super Bowl) even though the products mention on the commercial are for men women seem to be emotionally attached to it by "putting dads in the spotlight." (See Dove) [and by] "Embracing their caring roles more than ever, and that these experiences are fulfilling and strengthening them" (See Dove). .
             According to PR newswire, [believe that] "86% of men say that the idea of masculinity has evolved (2) (compared to their father's generation), but believe that the way masculinity is viewed in media has not caught up [and also] to celebrate an evolved vision of masculinity.

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