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Functions of Detectives

             Detectives must implement in their investigations facts about the crime they wish to seek the truth about. The information and procedures on each case varies depending on the circumstances; there are criminal case , civil cases and even public related cases , that is why there are different type of detectives. Despite the type of cases the law has to figure out in all cases the detectives are one of the essential keys the puzzle. They are the ones that gather and out the pieces together for the rest of the team to be able to gain their suspect. Detectives due a lot of different task and are required a lot more than a regular cop. Although a lot think it's a separate entities cops and detectives have to work very closely together as they help them get the ultimate price of detective satisfaction that is solving their case. To be an efficient detective there are a few things one should have they should have psychological knowledge be physically fit and have intellectual thoughts. Detectives come from law enforcement units, they need to have experience working as cops or law enforcement officers at some level, one they have that experience then they are promoted to detective. They don't have to be on the field all the time detectives may due different task it depends on the needs of the particular police force they are assigned to.
             Detectives Roles.
             This field has an overall similarity they all have more or less the same functionalities like obtaining information from all relevant sources they have to safely examine crime scenes to get clues and evidence, such as raw material, weapons, hairs, fibers, clothing, anything that can give them a tip. Detectives have to be good at identifying objects, suspects and events, in the homicide cases they have to sometimes secure dead bodies to obtain evidence from it, procuring that bystanders don't tamper their evidence prior to medical examiner's arrival to the crime scene.

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