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My First Online

             From more than 5 years ago, we have heard of the Internet, and of course I knew, too. But I had never had connect that until I had my computer. In spite of that I'd never had experienced that, I was looking forward to experience it as a high school student.
             After I graduated high school, I got a part-time job when I studied to enter a college in Japan. I saved money to bank for a half year, and at last, then I bought my PC by myself. It was more than $2,500, and too expensive for me.
             The day I bought my own PC, I was very excited. First, I didn't know about even how can I adjust sound's volume of computer, and what application I should use of the Internet. I continued try and error for many hours to connect it. I didnt have any manuals like "beginners guide" nor any tutors. I had to know all by myself. After a half day struggle, I could experience it at last.
             The Internet was absolutely big revolution same as my former expectation. Because I felt that all countries became very close, and the order of the world changed completely. Thats not all. Secondly, I thought it changed even the definition of information that have been made in human history. Whoever can publish whatever for public, the world. I thought a new order of the information world would be built. At that time, I considered another thing, that is to say, I realized the power of English. When I began to use the Internet, more than 70% of web pages were written in English in order to the Pentagon used the Internet faster than any other organization. And, I was sure that I had to be able to use English from then on.
             And now, the Internet has been a important part of my life like most people, and I will never forget this experience. After that experience to now, not only around the Internet but also my life was changed a lot. I can build and design a website and I have a lot of knowledge with confidence on this area. In addition, I came here according to what I thought at my first online.

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