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Shopping Today

             Everyday our society gets lazier and more dependent upon services that supply "instant gratification." Possibly the biggest culprit of this dependency, is shopping. The social tug of war between traditional and online shopping gets larger with every passing year. Both of these methods hold their own advantages, and likewise have their share of downfalls. Everyone has a different opinion about the "right choice" and what is the "best decision" in the end. These opinions and the weight they place on the market as we know it today, continue to shape the way purchasing is conducted in the world. Let's take a look at some of the major facts that are, in most cases, the backbone of the decision between the two shopping methods. .
             One of the biggest factors is price. People want to find the best deals on the items they are in search of. Traditional shopping gives the shopper choices of stores to compare prices with. Sometimes the choices are limited depending on the item desired. If shoppers choose to do their business online, they usually will find a much larger selection of stores and factory direct outlets to choose from. This gives the buyer a wider spectrum to look at when searching for the "perfect price." What most people overlook when it comes to overall price is that when you order something online, depending on the company and item, there are usually shipping charges that apply to the purchase. Traditional shoppers usually don't have to figure shipping into their purchases. They browse, buy, and take home. Usually the way things work online is that an item appears considerably cheaper than buying the same item at a local store. This lures shoppers into buying through their company. The catch is that the item itself may be marked down but if there are shipping charges, yes you guessed it, the price is either the same or more than the retail store. .
             Selection is a big part of shopping too.

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