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Women's Addictiveness to Shopping

             It's seven o"clock in the morning, the day after Thanksgiving. Macy's department store is having their biggest women's sale of the year; everything is either half off or more of the regular price. The lines outside the store are jammed packed and continue all the way down until the other end of the mall. Thousands of women can't wait to get their first pick of all the clothing, shoes, and accessories which are on sale. One hour later the doors finally open, the women take off pushing each other and yelling at each other, just to get in and shop for the best bargains that only come once a year. .
             As a young women of that nature, I must admit that I too would probably be there waiting in those crowds to go shopping for those bargain. I hate to admit it but I am an "addictive shopper". As an addictive shopper, I truly do know the ups and downs of a sale like that big and popular. It's not easy at all getting through those crowds to get a good price on a dress you like or a pair of shoes you've just been dying for; some women even get bruised and injured just trying to get that dress and lousy pair of shoes they want so badly. That is a major risk many women choose to take themselves in the long run, because of their love and desire of shopping.
             Thousands and thousands of women today are considered to be victims of the "shop-aholic" syndrome, in which researchers would categorize as "addicted" to shopping. We assumed that of course women are considered to be the shopaholics, since the majority of shoppers in America are women as well. When one walks into a mall the first store besides a department store they would probably see is a young woman's or an older woman's "knock-off" or lower brand clothing store, which has only woman's clothing as well as women's accessories and shoes. Once in a blue moon would a person see a man's "knock-off" or lower brand clothing store.

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