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addictive shopper

             Do you want to know if you are an addictive shopper? Many shoppers use retail therapy as a way of enjoying themselves, but the addictive shopper is out of control. Many shoppers buy only items that they need or they desire, but addictive shoppers will buy anything fancy. It is similar to other addictive behaviors and has some of the same characteristics as a drinking addiction. Addictive shoppers are addicted to the pleasure produced by the activity, they are out of control, and they are harmed by their addiction. .
             Shopping can be considered as an addiction because it can produce pleasure. Shopping produces pleasure by making the shoppers feel good about themselves until the bills arrive. Many addictive shoppers think that shopping can produce pleasure by making them superior to their family and to other people around them. For instance, they wear new clothes everyday that would grab people's attention. Also, they enjoy shopping as an entertainment. An addictive shopper may believe that certain brands of clothes, shoes, or a watch will make him/her appeal to others. Other addictive shoppers use shopping to fight their depression and anger. Shopping is a distraction from being upset. But at the moment of purchase they feel better and they feel worthwhile.
             Addictive shoppers are shopoholics that are out of control. They shop until they drop and use their credit cards up to the limit to purchase items they don't need. They use their credit cards all the time. They might even drive to the malls every day. When they shop, they may purchase more than one item, even though they may only need one. They may even buy the same items over and over again. For instance, addicts may buy the same t-shirt in five different colors. They also buy the same shirt with the same color. In some cases, shopoholics do not remember buying the items. In fact, if their family criticizes them, they start hiding the things they buy.

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