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smoking in public

            Public places are beaches, cafes, restaurants, raves, discos, toilets, stadiums, cinemas, work, street, shops schools and vehicles. In some countries, smoking is already banned and in a few of these public places such as schools, cinemas and public transports. .
             The groups of people who smoke are now changing. Over 60% of all smokers are aged between 12 and 24, while in the 60's; only 15% of the total smokers were aged between 12 and 24. About 46% of all males in the general world population smoke while less than 30% of women do. However, trends in tobacco consumption show that the percentage of women is increasing, while the percentage of males is decreasing. A research made in the United States showed that people with less formal education tend to smoke more. Developing countries are now smoking as much as developed countries. 41% of men and 21% of women regularly smoke cigarettes in developed countries while 50% of men and 8% of women smoke in developing countries. .
             Many people start smoking for different reasons. Once they start, it's very difficult for them to quit. Only 6% of people who start smoking regularly have successfully quit smoking permanently. People may start smoking because they wish to lose weight. People may also start smoking to be cool. Smoking is a very easy way to meet people. Parent's influence also increases the probability of the child to smoke. Advertisements from cigarette are now targeting teenagers who are influenced easily. Stress makes a lot of people to start smoking, especially older people. After a person starts smoking regularly, he is very likely to smoke for the rest of his life due to the addictive substances in cigarettes. Nicotine is proven to be more addictive than Heroin, possibly the most addictive drug. Nicotine also makes smokers feel depressed when they stay too long without smoking. .
             Smoking has several bad effects. A single cigarette has over 2,000 harmful chemicals.

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