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Public Smoking

             Three hundred thousand Americans die annually due to smoke-related diseases. Shocking news isn't it? If you think those are overwhelming statistics, then sit down for this one: one hundred and ten of those casualties are non-smokers, which are exposed to second hand smoke. If you come to think about it, that percentage can include an innocent child or a loving grandmother. Last time I remembered, smoking was an option. Public smoking contributes to all that torture non-smokers have to be forced through. Non-smokers cannot even sit outside without a napkin to their nose. Public smoking should not be tolerated. It harms children, is unfair to non-smokers, and is a hazard to our environment.
             Imagine hearing about someone who released toxic fumes in a child nursery or an elementary school. That would repulse you and slowly curiosity would rise to wonder how a human being could be capable of harming innocent children. Cases similar to the one described are happening everyday as society tolerates act of smoking publicly. As each year passes, the number of children casualties rise due to the second smoking in public places. Parents cannot even take their children to a park or a fair without a walking habit intoxicating their child's temple. By the time a newborn child reaches the age of twenty, they"ll have equivalent amount of tar in their lungs as a smoker of that age. Now in days, if you want to take your child out, it would have to be with a bubble isolating them from the surroundings. Public smoking should not be tolerated anywhere near children.
             Furthermore, not only is public smoking cruel to harmless children, but also to those non-smokers who actually deserve a healthy, cancer free life. In a bus stop, outside a movie theatre, in a club, in a billiard, everywhere you go public smoking is tolerated. It humors me the way places try to cover it up by creating "non-smoking sections".

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