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Smoking in Public

             People have many bad habits and one of them is smoking. There are many reasons why people smoke. Some smokers consider it a stress relief. Others think that smoking is a way to express their own freedom. However many people believe that smoking in public should not be allowed, which is good because of its severe effects on health and on society. Smoking can create family conflicts and produces financial problems.
             First, smoking should not be allowed in public, because of its bad effects on health and on the human body. Smoking can create respiratory problems and cause other complications, such as coughing and heart problems. Also, the smoker can become dependent on smoking. If a person smokes regularly, his or her body will get used to this bad habit, and his system will need more nicotine everyday. Therefore, it will be so difficult to quit smoking in the future.
             In the long term smoking can affect the smoker's mood. So, he or she tends to become more nervous and ill tempered. The most dangerous aspect of smoking is cancer. Including lung cancer, thong cancer and throat cancer. In addition smoking is very risky for pregnant women, because of all the hazards it can cause to the unborn child. So, smoking should not be allowed in public, because it is bad for the health.
             Secondly, smoking in public has many bad results on our society, because it bothers other people in public. In addition smoking has a bad smell, which remains on people's cloths. For this reason, it is not polite to smoke in public. Some people consider it disrespect when people smoke next to them. Smoking can have worse effects on people, who are sitting next to a person who is smoking than the smoker himself. For this reason, there are many conflicts in the families concerning this bad habit. Smoking can lead to family conflicts, which can cause the departure of one of the family members. People resort to smoking as a means to forget their problems and worries, consume cigarettes as a quick solution to their problems.

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