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smoking banned from public

             For many centuries, smoking cigarette have been a major habits among human beings. Back in the century, it was said smoking cigarette is healthy and make one lives`` longer. But doctors and researchers were always curious. They could not find any prove that relates to the danger of smoking cigarette. Throughout the years, studies show an increase of cigarette smokers. The toll increased among adult and severely rose among teenagers. Critics and researchers was always spectacle about the situation and the harm that may involve in smoking. Finally, they were able to prove that smoking cigarette was deadly. Study shows that cigarette kills hundreds of thousands of people each year; therefore, should be banned from all public places. Many diseases are cause by the smoking of cigarette. Non-smokers are also affected by the situation due to second hand smoking.
             Smoking cigarette has always been a problem. After it was introduced, million and billion of people died from it world wide. Smoking cigarettes associate with harmful habits and dangerously deadly disease. First of all, smoking cigarette is very addictive. A couple of cigarettes eventually become a habit and that leads to almost impossible to quit. Smoking affects the human body severely especially, after consuming it for a long period of time. Cancer and heart disease are top of the list for heavy smokers. Other problems associate with smoking are, skin problem, teeth (mouth) problems, bone and tissue problem and the list goes on. The danger in smoking is a very serious problem, and it prediction of other body disease is very broad.
             Stink, dirty, pollutant, are few ways non-smokers describe smoking. Smoking cigarette affect a wide range of innocent life, (non-smokers) daily. Smoking is one major problem non-smokers go through. Smoking is very discomforting to non-smoker, it polluted the air around them and makes their close smells.

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