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Online Classes

            What it is like to be in an Online English Class.
             Many decisions need to be made by college students everyday. Things like what classes to take, what days or times to take these classes, and if an online class would be better for them than a "normal" class. Seeing that I have never taken an online class before, I had to think really carefully if this would be the type of class that I could excel in. This is my first college English class, and I was (and still am) worried that taking it over the computer would make it difficult. However, at the same time, I thought it would be easier than other classes that meet in person everyday. I have come to find that it is neither of these extremes. It seems pretty much like any other class where there are assignments as well as due dates. The only difference is the teacher is not there to guide you in person. .
             When I signed up for this class (after deciding that it was something I would like to try out), I though that it was going to be a very educational experience, both in English, as well as in computers. There are many pros and cons to this class that I have noticed since we have started. I thought about many of them, however one thing really stuck out to me as a plus. The biggest pro that I thought of was that each student is able to move at his or her own pace. There will not ever be any pressures from other students to move on because they are finished with the assignment. I have had problems such as these in other classes I have taken. This pro is not to say that there are not adequate assignments that require a timely submission, because there are. I just mean that everyone is different and is going to write essays in different amounts of time. It can often be depressing to think that you are not smart because everyone is finished before you. This is not always the case it is just that some students are able to move faster than others are.

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