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An Online Class Vs. a Traditional Class

            With the global economical crisis, the job market has become much more competitive in the last years. Some companies have closed its doors leaving behind jobless individuals while other companies cut back on labors to stay in business. The level of competition for good paying jobs has made the job market extremely competitive. As a result, obtaining a degree has become a must to stay in the competition. More and more people are returning to school than ever before. Many people are choosing to obtain a degree online while others choose to attend to a traditional class environment. We all learn at different rates with different routines, but which is better? As distance learning gets more popular, we become further curious about how they differ in class settings.
             Education has become one of the fastest growing businesses around the globe. Nowadays with the advancement in technology we can obtain degrees from schools anywhere in the world from the comfort of our homes. This is so-called distance learning, or online class; consists of taking classes via the Internet. This advancement has brought flexibility and convenience to our education, especially for individuals who have a work schedule and family responsibilities or who travel frequently. Distance learning does not require any commuting, allowing us to save gas as well as any additional wear and tear. However, it could be a dull educational experience; away from colleagues, professors, and all the fun experiences that a traditional class can introduce us to. Learning from a distance limit students from having physical contact with counselors and professors. It provides fewer opportunities to join clubs and activities; not mentioning the technical difficulties and software crashes. Some classes cannot be performed with online classroom settings due to required hands-on experience. Despite the difficulties, .
             e-learning has been on the rise for the past few years.

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