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Company Overview - Aeropostale

             As a group we collaboratively felt that Aeropostale would be an interesting company to discuss. Being that we were the core target audience in high school at the time makes a huge difference to what we believe the brand portrays today. .
             Origin of Name.
             We believe the origin of the name laid out the foundation to the beginnings of Aeropostale. Without an indication of a beginning we wouldn't understand the changes they have increasingly made over time. It was interesting and enlightening to discover that the company's roots were inspired by airmail voyage. It gives us an indication that the proposition strategy that they formulated was far from what they portray as a brand currently. We don't think it would be a good idea for them to emphasize on their roots because they have surpassed that in every aspect including store layout and design. .
             History: .
             On the history timeline that we have created one thing that stood out to us was years 2005 and 2008. During those three years only 300 new stores were opened while American Eagle had over 1000 stores open at the end of the fiscal period. We believe this was due to the decline of sales. The drop in sales had influenced them to open and introduce the brand P.S. gearing to a younger target audience that they have wanted. .
             Mission: .
             The mission statement that they have currently doesn't correlate to their overall image and performance as a company. The first and foremost idea that they amplify on their statement is to be dominant. In this case Aeropostale is far from that, they haven't been dominant leaders in their category for quite some time. This is important to point out, if a company can't assure their mission statement then they should respectively change it to something that they can benefit from. Their lack of recreating a mission statement and a profitable change has caused them to follow their competitors. This left Aeropostale with an identity issue, consumers didn't know who they were and neither did they.

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