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The Advantages of Taking an Online Class

            The Internet has become an essential part of our lives. Online shopping and working at home are the results of online technology development. Since more and more college students have computers, laptops, or smartphones, college students demand more online courses. Because there are many advantages to online education, a college must provide online classes to college students. First of all, online technology allows college students to save time. For example, an online class exempts college students from commuting. According to my experience, I spend at least forty-five minutes to go to my class from my house and vice versa. I would have saved the time that I spend commuting if I had taken an online class. The next advantage is that college students can avoid spending a lot of time in a traffic jam. On every Tuesday and Thursday, my commuting time is the same as rush hour. If I have a quiz or an exam, I leave my house earlier than the usual time to avoid a traffic jam. I would not be worried about traffic jams if I took an online class. The last example of saving time is that college students can make a flexible class schedule. I have a long break between two classes that I am taking this semester. Taking an online class can reduce this unnecessary gap. In short, a college has to offer online classes in order to reduce wasted time.
             Second, an online class encourages college students to take advantage of technological tools. These tools allows college students to communicate with professors or classmates easily. For instance, an email is a very useful way to contact college professors or college students. I can send an email to a professor or classmate whenever I have a question. In addition to an email, the discussion board helps college students exchange their ideas with their classmates. According to my experience in my speech class, my classmates and I could post our opinions on the discussion board.

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