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Computer Technology in the Education System

            Many years ago, we couldn't imagine that computer technology could enhance educational options. Men and women bought newspapers and watched the news to learn about major topics in the economy and society. Students spent all evening in libraries writing reports, projects or academic papers. Today information is easily accessed, thanks to the internet. Online courses are accessible to the students who are unable to attend traditional educational buildings because of health or other complications; it is a convenient way to earn an education. If a student wants to know the definition of a word or how to spell the word, it's right at there fingertips. Computer technology is playing a major role in today's classrooms at all levels of from kindergarten to college.┬áLearning from computers can have a great effect on the future of one's job placement as most job's use some sort of computer technology.
             The benefit of having computers in classrooms is that it gives students more interactive educational tools to learn with, which allows for a lively learning experience that directly benefits students. The use of computers makes it easier and more exciting to learn. Students become more interested and focused on subjects that are usually not as interesting, like math or science. Virtual lessons, online tutors, and streaming educational tools engage students even more while reaching their educational goals. In reference to using computers to learn, Emily Listfield, author of "Generation Wired," reports that "studies have shown multitasking can lead to faster response time, improved peripheral vision, and a greater ability to shift through information quickly." Overall having computers in classrooms, gives students an edge on learning.
             Social Media is becoming more of a trend in classrooms today. Teachers are starting to use social media cites like Twitter, Facebook, and Edutopia to help students relate to in-class topics.

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