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            Computer is the most important thing in our lives. Now we are in the technology time and everything is connected with computers. Most of colleges and Universities have classes that deal with computers. I think the majority of people have computers in their homes and they deal with it a lot. We use computers in many different ways. For example, some people use it in checking their e-mails and chatting with their family and friends. Other people use computers to write their school projects and others in their work. They communicate with the other companies and so on. Many majors required from students to work with computers. I want to be in the computer and information system major. This major is one of the businesses majors.
             The work condition for this major is tough and you have to work hard. Time of work is mostly about 40 hours a week and sometimes they work at night and weekends. Moreover, some computer and information system managers found some pressure in meeting technical goals in a short limited time. Traveling may require in this job, to connect companies or their branches together. As a result these people are likely to have eyestrain, back discomfort, and hand and wrist problems (Goldberg, 1998).
             These managers approximately earns about 78,830$ a year according to the occupational outlook handbook. This research was in the year 2000. The minimum income these managers get is 44,090$ a year. Furthermore, computer and information managers who are at the high level get some bonuses and hiring more than the non-managerial workers (Occupational outlook handbook, 2002).
             About the training in the Computer and Information System managers are required to get a bachelor's degree to be in this position in a job. Few people have this position without this degree. Moreover, many managers are experienced in computer support specialist, programmers, or other information technology professionals. Those managers must have a wide range of information and good technology skills.

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