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The Computer Mouse

            The computer mouse is an input device that uses a graphical user interface. Computers that incorporate the graphical user interface into their system are able to use the computer mouse to maneuver around the computers different applications. The mouse is used in many different applications including engineering and computer games. When using the computer mouse with the graphical user interface you move the mouse along a flat level surface. The arrow on the computer monitor will move with the movements created by the mouse. Clicking the mouse button will allow for certain programs or operations to happen.
             Douglas C. Engelbart is the first person to develop the original computer mouse. He completed a great deal of different studies in regard to human interpretation with the computer. Englebart completed a study of augmentation, which he defines as using technology to assist the intellect. The computer mouse came out of Engelbart's study due to the acceptability and ease of its operation. Engelbart did not officially announce his invention until 1968. After the debut of the mouse the next real step in its advancement did not come until 1970 at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center. Alan Day developed the first working computer that used the computer mouse. While at the research center Day and other researches developed the first computer that depended on the computer mouse to point. The next advancement for the computer mouse came out of the Apple computer. The Apple Lisa computer used a graphical user interface and it helped create the technology used for the computer mouse. The Macintosh computer used a computer mouse and it simplified the use of the computer because all you had to do was point and click.
             The windows based systems and Macintosh all used the computer mouse. The growing computer market and its need for easier and faster computers led to the industry to make a shift to using the mouse wit.

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