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            Computers are the most complicated machines that humans ever created, you know. Why? What makes the computers complicated? In this article I will try to inform you about the computers. First of all, a computer can be divided into two main parts: Hardware, and software. Hardware is the machine, for example monitor, where you see the datas, is a hardware. Hard disk (used for storing files) is also a hardware. But programs, games, operating systems are softwares.
             Your computer's hardware is basicly divided into two parts: Monitor, and case. The case has a lot of chips inside, and it is the brain. Monitor is only used to transfer the datas on a screen. Modern computers has three important chip (or cards) in their cases: Graphics card (It is used for the connection between monitor and the case), CPU (Central Proccessing Unit - It is the main calculation unit. It processes all datas.) and HDDs (Hard Disk Drive - Used for storing files. It is capacity can be changed.) Also it has a sound card (It is used to give sound), motherboard (The main chip which all other chips are put on it), mouse, keyboard etc. But the first three is the most important chips in modern computers.
             Graphics Card is used to transfer the datas between the monitor and the computer. There are 2 types of graphics. 2D and 3D. 2D is the known computer using method. You don't see the deep. In 3D, you don't exactly see deep, bu it's more close. In 2D, for example, if an man is running, you must see him only in one direction. But in 3D you can change the place of the camera. .

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