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computer animation

             My name is tim this is my partner elmung, today we'd like to present the topic about computer animation, there are 4 parts of our presentation, for part1 introduction of computer animation. Since computer animation is base on the computer graphics so I will explain a little bit of computer graphic. Then I will explain What is computer animation and how it works? History of computer animation. Types of computer animation.
             For part 2. Computer Animation in Movies I will show you how computer animation is involved in film making, alone with some examples of special effect made by computer animation. And CG movie.
             And in part3, elmung will give you .
             //introduction of computer graphics.
             OK, now what is computer graphics, computer graphics is two- and three-dimensional images created by computers that are used for scientific research, artistic pursuits, and in industries to design, test, and market products. (put on some images for examples).
             Before an image can be displayed on the screen it must be created by a computer program in a special part of the computer's memory, called a frame buffer. One method of producing an image in the frame buffer is to use a block of memory called a bitmap to store small, detailed figures such as a text character or an icon. A graphical image is created by dividing the computer's display screen into a grid of tiny dots called pixels. Frame buffer memory can also store other information, such as the color of each pixel. (put on some example of 3421 notes). More about colours .RGB.
             //what is computer animation and how it works?.
             And base on the computer graphics, computer animation is creation of the illusion of motion by viewing a succession of computer-generated still images. Prior to the advent of computers, animation was accomplished by filming hand-drawn or painted sequences on plastic or paper, called cels, one frame at a time. Computers were first used to control the movements of the artwork and the camera.

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