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3d computer animation

             3D Computer animation started to gain in popularity in the early 90's and has progressed and modified to this date. Computer animation has changed from only real movie special effects, and parts of hand drawn animated movies, to full-length movies like Toy Story and Final Fantasy. One of the reasons for the success of computer animation is the progression in computer technology and software.
             Computer animation can date back to as early as the 1962 when Steve Russell, Shag Graetz, and Alan Kotok created Space War, the first interactive computer game. In 1966 Charles Csuri, show us the first examples of computer-generated representational animation by creating a humming bird. In 1967 William Fetter designed a cock pit simulation for Boeing which had a 3D computer animated human. In 1982 non-edge cloud and smoke simulations were designed by Geoffrey Ardner at Grumman Data Systems. The wave of new technology and movies calls for bigger and better special effects to impress the changing audience. Video games had a major improvement when new software hit the market. The Nintendo 64 and Playstation were a huge success when they hit the shelves in 1994 due to the unbelievable computer designed graphics. .
             In 1995 the 3D-computer animation age was born when the release of Toy Story introduced the public to full-length computer animated movie. Soon to come after that are movies that use the latest technology and it only get better because of the heavy boom in computer technology. The only problem that 3D-computer animation had, was the technique too fully capture the full body movements of a living creature or human. This proved to be a huge task that was in great damned because of the disappointment people felt when they noticed that the human characters in Toy Story were out of place, and cheep looking. Unfortunately organic figures such as humans and animals have proven more convincing and realistic when created with pencil and paper.

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