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            Video Game is a well-known entertaining product among all age. Video Game Developers are always working on a very complex process in creating a new game. A making of a game include developing a plot, designing a layout, writing the computer codes, optimizing the artificial intelligence, creating music, graphics and 3D animations. There are much type of games such as arcade games, adventure games and educational games. Most games should have a fascinating title, and introduction, music and sound effects, short point helps screen, capturing graphics, a plots and difference skill level from amateur to mega champion. Video game developer may work only on one topic. Such as sounds or graphics or they can work alone and make the whole game by themselves. Graphics artist of animation are involved in the visual part of the game, the design the background and the special 3D effects. Musician is the people who work the music, the sound effects and different type of voice in the game. The development of the game story depend of the writer, because of the writer is the person that comes up with the plot of the game. I selected this career because I love game. When I started the game I wouldn't put down the controller till the game comes to the end and all missing or levels are completed. Another reason that I chose it because I have pretty much good ideas for making games, so I am thinking of trying animation in school to trying it out. Duties of the video game developer are to work with the group of professionals such as Programmers, Artist and Project Managers. Most of the duties to be don by working overtime and on weekends, especially when the dead line is reached. The responsibility between the senior and Junior defers in every profession, and dose in the same profession as well. There are 4 deferent responsibilities, because there are 4 deferent levels of jobs. The lowest level job is a Play Tester.


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