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Video Games

            Entertainment has always been an important part of life to all of us.
             going about the traditional way, reading a book, using our imaginations to conjure up.
             magnificent tales of all kinds. Or maybe a modern approach is taken, flipping on the.
             television, watching various programs, or even going to the movies. Each one of these.
             has something in common. While they all present unique forms of enjoyment, none of.
             them will involve the person on the outside directly. Of course sometimes there is.
             nothing like a good book, a well thought out TV show, or an intriguing movie. But.
             sometimes people look to go further. Being involved directly in the story can be as.
             entertaining as any of the greatest pieces of the previous three. And there is a form of.
             entertainment that can do this, remember, it is always very important to keep an open.
             mind on anything including the topic at hand. When the words video and games combine,.
             it can be an ugly site. It's always a tragedy when something so misunderstood is never.
             really appreciated by so many. For years video games have been written off as mindless.
             wastes of time, but as critics, and scholars begin liberating there acclaim, the industry.
             will hopefully be taking a sharp turn for the better.
             So what is, exactly the big deal? Why do some people "go crazy" over something.
             like a video game. Well, the answer lies within the success. Why do these games.
             succeed. British journalist Steven Poole says, ".video games should offer open.
             environments to explore.that can transcend the boundaries of real world physics. The.
             best video games can induce a zen-like state.dynamic forms of successful play becomes.
             beautiful and satisfying." The most recent exposure (before Sony's release of the.
             Playstation 2) was a major blow to a young and promising industry. With the school.
             shooting at Columbine, people began realizing that some games were a bit violent. When.
             certain people found out what games kids were playing five years before the shootings a.

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