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Video Games and Aggressive Behaviors

            In modern society, where state-of-the-art technology is rapidly becoming popular, a hobby that bloomed in the 70's, known as video games, is taking over the adolescent world by storm. Video games represent a huge chunk in the tech culture of today. However, recent acts of violence committed over these past few years, by people who have been claimed to have been avid gamers, have started to question the mark that the video game industry is leaving behind. Therefore, the question is: Do video games bring up violent, assertive and destructive behaviours? No. Video games are not capable of such behaviour, nor are they the reason for acts of violence.
             First of all, not every video game has violence, and not every gamer is violent. Playing a game like 'Brain Age' probably does not make somebody aggressive, unless that somebody has anger management issues. However, there are tons of hardcore games out there, which have blood and gore, violence, or mature language or themes, and millions of gamers play them, all around the world. The vast majority of them are normal, law-abiding citizens like us. If video games did result in violent behaviours, and if these consequences had been realized, wouldn't the world do something about them in the first place? If that had been true, why would video games still be popular? Sure, gamers that are heavily influenced by video game violence do exist, but they represent a tiny minority of the gamer population. They are the ones who fail to understand the moralities of video games, and instead neglect their common sense because of that.
             Also, lack of control and understanding is a big issue. Lots of gamers can get addicted to video games, and in turn, might lead to aggressive behaviour and real-life violence. However, if one really ponders about the causes and effects, which of the following is really the problem: the video game, or the gamer himself? In my opinion, the gamer would be the problem, because video games are just video games.

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