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The Art of Video Games

            It is difficult to determine whether something is a work of art or not, the definition of art varies with time and thinkers. Marcel Mauss for instance, states that an object is a work of art when a group of people consider it is one. This analysis raises the fundamental link between the work of art and the population, the relation between the creator, the product and the spectator. Art federates and divides, it is a medium of communication, a way to send a message to be exposed at the eyes of everybody. Art itself exists by the exposition of the work of art and the regular individual becomes the artist when someone calls him artist for the first time. Hence the importance of the reflection on the importance of the public and the place of the spectator in the definition of art. Long story short, art is about communication, links, bounds, messages. The history of video games starts in the early 50's where the first experiments are made in order to use machines in a ludic way. However the video games industry as we now it nowadays started in 1972 with the arcade game "Pong". The first video games possibilities were hindered by the lack of technological knowledge of this time in electronics compared to today. As measure as the computing power of electronic devices grew, so did the complexity and the quantity of video games. Video games were created and conceived for recreational purposes, without a shade of a doubt. Yet today some people claim that video games are not only a medium but also an art with the ability to convey strong messages, whether political or philosophical. Can video games be considered an art form?.
             The general discourse about video games is a negative one. Video games are said to be violent, mindless and only steal time from children while bringing them an aggressive behavior. The most famous games are such as "call of duty" a game where the player incarnates a soldier and "world of warcraft" a MMORPG game, which is based on the cooperation of various players to achieve goals.

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