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video game design

             There are many different things that have to do with video game design including art, music, computer programming and playing games of coarse. When people think about video games they think about how hard it is or how cool that level was, but there is a whole lot more that goes along with games. Art and music are two very big things that are included with video game design but are not thought of that much because people think they are not important. They are wrong art and music can be the most important part of the game to some people who take their games seriously. Art and music can be very important in game design but they don't even compare to the coding itself. Coding is where the design part of the game takes shape, its where it happens. Although music, art, and coding are very important you need a good combination of all three to make a great game.
             If you go out and ask people what music has to do with video games they probably wouldn't have a clue, but if you keep asking you might find a real gamer and he would tell you that it sets the mood for the whole game. Without the right music games would be nothing but button pressing, reading, and ice to put on your fingers to cool them down after a good game of button mashing. Music is what people can hum when they resting or in the shower, it is what hooks people to the game and makes them want to play it over and over again. Music is what connects the player to game. Now there are two types of music that are put into the game. The first type of music is called "real" music. "Real" music is music or tunes that are played by bands, singers, or other musicians and inserted into the game. Real music is a very hard thing to place into the game because you have to choose just the right time to start playing it. You would want to put a slow songs played with violins, pianos, and other musical instruments at a slow part of the game where there might be a cinematic or a plot turn.

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