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An Overview of Online Gaming

             Today, Internet and electronic devices play indispensable role in modern society as a result of rapid technological development which has incorporated into people's daily lives (Hellström et al., 2012). Over the last decade, there had been an increase in academic attention given to online gaming as the dominant activity among college students. From sport-related games to mission-based games and quests inspiring users to complete challenges, interactive games cater for a wide range of interests, and can enable users to link up and play together. Internet connectivity in a game adds a new opportunity for gamers as it allows players to find and play against, or with, other players from around the world (in a multi-player game). Games can provide a fun and social form of entertainment often encouraging teamwork and cooperation when played with others (Childnet International, 2011). Some games require players to learn about social, political and historical development.
             The vast majority of gamers state that the gaming activity has positive effects for them and online gaming in itself appears to have very few negative consequences for average gamers. However, problems occur when gaming becomes an obsessive act, taking over gamers' lives (Hellström et al., 2012). Nowadays, it is not uncommon to read news articles describing how obsessive gaming can lead to death (Sublette and Mullan, 2012). Recently, a Malaysian youth named Ong Yee Haw who addicted to computer games died of a heart attack at his home after playing online games continuously for over 15 hours at a cybercafé nearby (The Star, 2013). This indicates that the trend of sitting at the computer for long periods of time is becoming more common and can be fatal (Sublette and Mullan, 2012).
             Although the gaming world is one of the most preferred leisure activities among adolescents, the psychosocial effects and physical consequences of excessive gaming need more attention.

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