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Interactive/Internet Marketing Plan

             This Internet Marketing Plan provides an overview of how the Cainer Alliance website will be marketed to the hardcore gaming audience. It also details the specifics of the target audience and the current environmental situation and competitors/market place.
             It explains the niche market that this website wishes to capture and the best way to do so.
             A marketing mix is described which outlines the key strategy and tactics that will be employed to promote the website.
             After analyzing all the data the following conclusions were reached:.
             There are some threats to the success of the site; however there is a very good chance that the site will be quite successful. .
             The niche market exists.
             There are very few direct competitors and none in Australia.
             Trends indicate increase in online shopping and increase in computer use specifically for playing games.
             There are constant technological advancements in this market.
             Hardcore gamers are big spenders on computer equipment.
             The initial principle is large but the site will generate profits when the loyal customer base grows in size.
             The Goal.
             To create a successful E-Commerce website to sell products to hardcore gamers.
             The Plan.
             Gaming is increasingly becoming a more serious and more professional sport all the time. It got its first real taste of media coverage when a Quake (first person 3d shooter game) player named Thresh won a red Ferrari from the game's creator John Carmack of id Software.
             Reference 3.
             Recently an event held in America last year that had prize money totaling US $100,000. With competitors locally and from such countries as Australia, Sweden, Russia, United Kingdom and Singapore. The top player for the event took home the cash prize of approximately $40,000 dollars and various computer hardware. A recent event was also held in Australia by the same organization, the Cyberathelete Professional League, and also attracted professional gamers from America and Russia to compete.

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