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Video Games and Violent Crime

            According to Anne Walling in her book, "American Family Physician," two other authors, van Eenwyk and Bensley, performed an extensive study on teenagers between 15-20 years old among the whole country, to see if video games were somehow becoming more realistic and realistic as well. They found that as the violence rose, the rates of homicide, violence, and weapon-carrying actually dropped. As they had already suggested, violent video games were simply a safe way to vent passive emotions, such as frustration and aggression. .
             They also found some former studies of this topic. The first thing they noticed was that these studies were all kind of different. The quality, in terms of the amount of subjects, and control subject as well, was very low. Those types of experiments being done were also greatly varied. With such a poor consistency in two factors, it is actually improper to come up with any kind of conclusion. Then they decided to create a more specific violence test among college-age boys in America. The result actually showed more calming effects on boys after they played the video game, especially if there was already a negative emotion, for example, anger or frustration before playing. .
             As professor Costikyan and Greg point out in their article "Violence to Creative Commons," violent video game is not the only kind that can be related to violence. On September 11, 2001, terrorists flew a plane into the World Trade Center, killing thousands, partly thanks to training on a flight simulator. While this is also a game you can buy at Wal-Mart, rated "E" for "Everyone". The students who attacked Columbine High School used a similar method. They practiced their attack on a game called Doom. Their attack was clearly premeditated, just like the terrorists', so it would be very difficult to blame the game for inspiration. Furthermore, millions of people bought and played Doom, including me.

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