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            Everywhere you look you see some sort of computer. There everywhere from schools, to the grocery store checkout line, movie theatres and even in the shirt pockets of some businessmen. Back about ten years ago it was a chore to find someone with a computer, and the Internet please what good is that. As time went on computers became just as common as television sets in homes straight across America. Now it seems if you don't have an Internet connection what's the point of having a computer. Also there is not a day throughout the year that we do not hear the word "e-mail" or a new www.something.com business. Computers and technology are totally giving the workplace, education, and for that matter the world a complete overhaul. As I see the metamorphosis happen before my eyes I believe that it is imperative that young children and adults of all ages become familiar with and start using this new super tool called the computer. .
             I do not think I could stress enough the importance of having children become computer literate. The computer is just going to become a bigger and bigger tool in our new cyber-space era. The computer should be introduced to youngsters in the low elementary grades and slowly worked into the curriculum to become a major part of the students" everyday agenda. I believe that in the future homework assignments and reports will have to be sent into the teacher via e-mail. I also believe that eventually there will be a computer terminal at every student's desk throughout America. Computer literacy is a must for the next generation. .
             I also think computer literacy is important for adults too. However I do not think computer literacy is more of a priority for older adults as it is for children. I believe adults should know at the very least the basics about the computer and the Internet. For example the other day I showed my grandfather how to instant message me when I"m online and how to e-mail me when I"m not.

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