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            The career that I"d like to major in is Computer Science. In computer science there are an array of jobs that deal with computer science. The definition of Computer Science is the science that deals with the theory and methods of processing information in digital computers, the design of computer hardware software, and the applications of computers. .
             The nature of the work includes many aspects. The computer industry has become more common, and more companies use technology for everything. Sometimes the nature of the work deals with critical issues. In this field you do everything from constructing the business plan to overseeing the networks, and other computer aspects. In this field you also plan, coordinate, and do research and design many computer related programs and activities. In the nature of this work you may be asked to develop new products or identify computer problems that are occurring within the network. .
             Also, everyone in this field must be up-to-date with the latest technology in order to keep up. The duties in this field vary because there are various jobs that a person can do in this field. There are a variety of services such as help desk, upgrading hardware and software, and other things. .
             In order to get to the top of your chosen career you must first poses and excel in the basic things of computers. Some basic stuff includes the language of computers, knowing how to solve minor problems, and other things. You must also have basic knowledge of computers. When you gain enough knowledge in your place of work you can then go to a major company that deals solely on computers. After that your salary will increase. .
             The leading figures in the computer field are bill gates founder of Microsoft, Michael Dell founder of Dell computer Corporation, Akio Morita founder of Sony, and on top of that there are many more to name. .
             The leading companies include Microsoft, Computer Firms, Software companies, Computer software developers, and the airlines industry.

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