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Sony Computer

            I choose to do my paper and my presentation on a specific Sony vaio computer known as the msx10 model I choose this model because it seemed to fill all of the requirements that I had decided I would be looking for in a computer. When first presented with the project I gave some thought to exactly where I wanted to go with it and finally started to take a certain direction. At first I had to think long and hard about whether or not to choose between a notebook computers or to go for the more tradition approach and get a dependable desktop from a company I know and trust. I contemplated the pro's and the con's of owning a notebook computer and saw that by owning a notebook I would have to purchase so many accessories to accommodate all of the things that I would be using my computer for. Another problem that I forecasted with the use of a notebook computer was the fact that although notebooks are cool and all, using one all of the time would lead to some serious neck and back cramping, something that I already experience to often. I also came to the conclusion that, living in a college town that there is a great possibility that a notebook could get stolen pretty easy due to it's compact size and easy resale. I ended up opting for the desktop pc because after looking at the possibilities the options available for a desktop I had realized that this was definitely the right path for me.
             After I had decided that the notebook was out of the question the next question that arose was of all of the desktop on the market which desktop would be right for me. Being that this was a serious question I wasted no time in researching which computer was the best as well as which computers could fit in my somewhat limited budget. I visited many of the local computer stores and spoke to many sales representatives and all of the people at Bestbuy were a bunch of useless do nothing pieces of shit.

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