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             The Computer today, is far greater than what it was back twenty years ago. Computers have changed society in a beneficial way. Today millions of people use computers at work and at home, due to the fact that they cost a third as much as what they used to. I have heard that one out of every four homes has a computer. For the reason they are so versatile. Computers now days can help you do anything from typing a basic letter, to running a multi-million dollar business. Computer's size is another thing that has changed. The computer used to take up a whole classroom but now takes up about four-squared feet. Therefore, as you can see computers have changes every aspect of society today.
             Many people today are buying computers, for many different reasons. One reasons is to look up information on the Internet. Another reason is to write papers, or do homework. Computers are great because they fit every age category. Older people look up stock quotes and information on the Internet. While children can, plays games and browse the Internet as well. I use my computer for about everything, from looking up information on the Web, to doing my homework. In addition, by using Microsoft Word and other applications, they save you time and money from wasting paper by using a typewriter. Another benefit with computers and the Internet is if you use AOL and certain other Service providers, you can chat with friends in other states, and even other countries. When I look at computers I look for which computers have the fastest CPU and the largest hard drives. In addition, I look to see if it has a CD-RW drive so I can "burn" CD's. Then I find all the computers that have about the same speed and peripheral devices and I look for the cheapest price computer. Then as long if the brand name is right, I will think about buying it.
             When buying a computer I prefer to shop in a department or computer store rather than online.

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