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The Process of Purchasing a New Computer

            The Process of Purchasing a New Computer.
             Of the various gadgets and devices that exist to facilitate one's life, an appliance that has always been popular and continues to grow in importance is the personal computer. With the massive growth of the Internet and dropping prices of computers, an innumerable amount of people are purchasing computers to keep up with today's fast-paced world. Be that as it may, purchasing a computer should be a gratifying process, not a frustrating or intimidating experience. When shopping for a computer, the buyer should decide on the specifications he needs, choose an appropriate brand and model, and decide on a certain retail store to purchase his/her new computer prior to purchasing.
             First, it is imperative for the customer to know what specifications are desired or required when looking to purchase a new computer. One of the first questions to consider would be whether the purchaser needs a laptop, which is small and portable, or a desktop computer that is used primarily for home use. With a desktop, the buyer needs to ask himself if he only needs a system unit, which holds the computer's processor and disk drives, or if he needs a complete set that includes items such as a monitor and printer. Next, the customer should decide on performance features that satisfy him. For example, factors such as how many megahertz and how much RAM (random access memory) the computer runs on largely determine how fast the computer runs programs and applications. Furthermore, the purchaser should decide how many gigabytes of hard drive they want the computer to have because this determines the quantity of information the computer can store. The buyer should also ask himself if he wants a CD-ROM, CD-Rewriteable, or DVD-ROM drive. For example, CD-ROM drives only read compact discs, CD-Rewriteable drives allow the customer to create his own compact discs, and DVD-ROM drives feature the latest in digital versatile disk technology.

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