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Computer Buying Tips

             Computers are every place we look today and used for many different purposes today. A good reason for buying a computer would be something like writing papers for a class or keeping track of your finances or business. In this ever-changing world of technology it can be very intimidating when making decisions on purchasing a new computer. .
             The first step to purchasing a computer is to decide what is the main purpose a user will need the computer to do. Most home computers are used for writing papers for classes, surfing the World Wide Web, or just to play computer games. Knowing how the computer will be used will help in determining what the minimum requirements need to be. A buyer must have an idea of what the minimum requirements they will need for their computer. Knowing how the computer will be used will help with the decision on the type of processor, amount of memory, and the size of hard drive that will be needed. An additional area to look at is the ability to create a compact disc, CD, or digital versatile disc, DVD.
             Select the correct processor chip based on what the primary use of the computer will be. For the Windows operating system there are three commonly used types of processors. Intel and American Micro Devices (AMD) are the leading manufacturers of processors. Intel makes two of the commonly found processors, the Pentium 4 and the Celeron. The type of processor or the class of computer is important. Most home users will be happy with the Intel Celeron for surfing the web, writing papers and e-mailing, this tends to be the cheaper choice. While most gamers have a tendency to look for the AMD chip because it tends to run the games better and its price falls in the middle. Users planning to be running video editing or computer aided drawing (CAD) software should look at getting the Intel Pentium chip, plan on spending more for this chip. All processors are rated with a speed measured in megahertz or gigahertz.

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