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The Age of Computers and Internet Crimes

             The rise in popularity of the Internet is directly correlated with the rise in Internet crime. Internet crime pertains, but is not limited to, Internet stalkers, child pornography, SPAM (junk mail), and identity theft. Large outbreaks of child pornography rings have parents sitting on needles, and identity theft has banks looking for new ways to protect their customers, and themselves. Children, and adults alike, are reported missing everyday because of Internet stalkers and predators. Welcome to the age of computers. Bringing the bright horizons of tomorrow, today.
             CNN.com reports that twenty-five men have been arrested in a giant child pornography ring that spans over the U.S., England, and Germany. These men face a hefty minimum 10-year sentence if convicted. The man that was the first of the twenty-five, Lloyd Alan Emmerson, a chiropractor in Clovis, was discovered when a Danish couple contacted Denmark officials after finding some lewd images of child molestation on the Internet. With this tip, Danish police found more than "1 million images of 450 CDs.many with pictures of the children of his parents, relatives or neighbors." (CNN.com). More followed; the number is up to twenty-five and growing. In Italy, almost 1,500 people are standing trial for what could be the biggest child pornography ring in history (CNN.com), 660 of which are native Italians, with others mainly from Russia, France and Malaysia. A caption on the article reads: "Child pornography has been spread worldwide via the Internet," proving that child pornography over the Internet is not just a local, state, or even a national problem, but one that's effects are felt worldwide.
             Another, equally menacing problem in Internet crime is Internet stalking. Though not as big of a problem today as it was a few years ago, it is still a big problem. The problem arises in widespread use of "Instant Messaging" tools like AOL's AIM, and MSN Instant Messenger, along with a huge availability of chat rooms.

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